Who We Are at Colony Trading


Stuart Whitehead and Tim Lewis are the salvage and liquidation specialists of Colony Trading who can turn mistakes, misfortune, and miscalculation into monetary gain by matching orphaned and overstock merchandise and commodities to ideal alternative markets.

“We’re opportunists and we solve problems, We buy closeouts , end of season goods, irregulars, customer returns; damages.”

There is almost nothing they will not try to repurpose and resell.

“We’ve bought everything, televisions, bicycles, washers and dryers, food, decorative brass; and there’s an army of people out there looking for merchandise, “

Yet, in some cases, the destruction of property is necessary to comply with safety, trade, or brand protection requirements, and Colony Trading is occasionally called on to take things out of circulation.

About Bernie

Both Tim and Stuart credit retired partner Bernie Katz with creating a workplace that not only enabled them to be there for all the important moments in the lives of their children and families, but insisted on it.


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How we Operate